Value for August: Responsibility

As you know we have a commitment to teaching a Values Program at our College. Over the course of the year we focus on Values such as Tolerance, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Feelings, Self-Awareness and the capacity to develop and sustain positive relatonships is the ultmate end goal for all our work in teaching values-based behaviours. Now all this work is made so much more relevant if you are supporting this at home. For August the focus will be on Responsibility and it would help if you make sure that your child understands the responsible behaviours that you expect at home. Is your child expected to care for his/her belongings at school? What will
happen if your child does not live up to the agreed responsibilities set? What responsibilities does your child actually have at home? What acknowledgment occurs should your child does live up to all responsibiliƟes over a week or more? We aim to always provide 6 posiƟve comments to negative comment here at school. Help us to help your child be more responsible during the month of August.

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