Baden Powell College

Year Prep-2 Term 2 Overview


Grade 1/2

In term 2 at Tarneit, students will participate in a unit of work based on "Food, glorious food" while Derrimut Heath students explore the topic of "Day, night, light, sound".

In numeracy, both campuses will be working hard to develop addition and subtraction skills, and reviewing place value concepts learnt in term 1. Students at both campuses will also be looking at other maths concepts that relate to their topic in term 2. Tarneit will begin exploring mass, volume and capacity, money and data in relation to the topic "Food, glorious food", whilst Derrimut Heath students will investigate 3D shapes, time, temperature and location in relation to day, night, light and sound.

In literacy, students at Derrimut Heath will be exploring Information reports in their reading and writing, and Tarneit students will be looking into procedures.

P-2 Information Booklet


Teaching Staff

Derrimut Heath Campus Tarneit Campus
DEA Michelle Carledge TPA Julia Dean
DEB Jacqui Gulliver TPB Ariane De Pieri
DEC Sarah Pilmore TPC Ange Demeca
DED Karol Farrugia TPD Nicole Toffolon
DEE Julie Couper TPE Daniela Mantini
DEF Kaye Bourke TPF  
DEG Lauren Mcdonald TPG  
DEH Jenny Durek TEA Klaudia Jellis
DEI Joshua Chan TEB Penelope Laurie
DEJ   TEC Sarah Smithwick
DEK   TED Holly Brown
DEL   TEE Nicole Spitalieri
    TEF Shirley Lamb
    TEG Adele Collier
    TEH Sophia Huynh
    TEI June Asik/Michele Sheppard