Baden Powell College

Year 3-4 Typical Overview

In Term 2 the 3/4 team will participate in some exciting programs and initiatives, such as Wyndham Council Active Kids program and Jump Rope for Heart.

In week 3 the Grade 3’s will complete NAPLAN testing at the same time as Grade 3s, 5s, 7s and 9s across the nation. We will continue our focus on writing Persuasive Texts for a few weeks and then develop our skills writing Information Reports. At our Derrimut Heath Campus our focus is also on Persuasive Texts as well as Narrative Writing.

In reading we will continue to develop our comprehension skills and read heaps of Just Right books. In numeracy we will develop our understanding of many maths concepts, including Time, multiplication and division, angles and location. Our Integrated topic will be Earth in a Spin in which we will learn about our place in the universe and the solar system. At the Derrimut Heath Campus the topic will be Myths and Legends,

Teaching Staff

Derrimut Heath Campus

Tarneit Campus

DEJ Miriam Assaf TEL Anna Kelly
DEK Brooke Willamn/Karli Brinsden TEM Sharon Mitchell
DEL Melanie Binder/Katrina Gilham TEN Helen Vosey
DEM Mathew Beggs TEO Rowena Dunlop
DEN Meredith Vella TEP Claire Hutchinson
DEO Sandra Rhodes TEQ Beth Galea
DEP  Anastasia Fairburn TER Damiano Lo Nigro
    TES Fiona Climpson/Nicole Woods
    TET Nicholas Murray
    TEU Racheal Scales