Baden Powell College

Year 5-6 Typical Overview

In term 2, the 5/6 team will participate in the following themes;

  • Inventors and Inventions (Derrimut Health Campus)
  • Our Environment  (Tarneit Campus)

In early term 2, students in Year 5 will complete the NAPLAN testing in Literacy and Numeracy.

At Derrimut Heath, students will be focusing on Information Reports, while at Tarneit, students will focus on Procedural Texts in Literacy sessions. Both campuses will also be focusing on debating to develop speaking and listening skills. In Reading, we will continue to develop comprehension skills using a variety of strategies.

In Numeracy, students will be introduced to maths concepts across the areas of Number, Space, Measurement, Chance and Data and Problem Solving.

Teaching Staff

Derrimut Heath Campus

Tarneit Campus

DMA Nadine Mills TMA Andy Elbe
DMB Stephanie Rizza TMB Ryan Maki
DMC   Bill Vasilevski TMC Kylie Mihalec
DMD Amberly Morison TMD Laura Monks
DME Karen Woods TME Pat Sourivong
    TMF Kevin Hay
    TMG Matt Fellows
    TMH Nathan Geisler/Jack Rhodes
     TMI  Sarah Rousset