Baden Powell College

Year 7-8 Typical Overview

The 7/8 team at Baden Powell College will see our students engage actively in relevant, rich curriculum and participate in many extra curricula opportunities. Some of these will include leadership opportunities and sporting opportunities, outdoor education activities, excursions and debating and personalised learning programs involving student negotiated learning.

During Term 2 the students will study all aspects of Business Enterprise. All curriculum taught in the Middle Years (Yr 7&8) is guided by the content at Level 5 of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). Every attempt is made to meet individual student needs when planning lessons. Our units of work are, where possible, integrated across all domains and disciplines and include higher order thinking skills.

For students in Years 7 & 8, learning is consolidated by building breadth and depth of acquired knowledge. This depth and breadth will be further developed as the students in these year levels develop a stronger individual sense of identity and begin to consider increasingly complex ideas. At Baden Powell College these students will be encouraged to continue to take on the responsibility for their learning.


Teaching Staff

Tarneit Campus

TMK  Geoff Van Wyngaarden
TML  Ayesha Dharmabandu
TMO Simone Allen
TMP  Peter Bennett
TMR  Daniel Screen 
TMS  Bianca Gatti
TMV  Hanifa Yurukoff
TMW  Lauren Duggan
TMY Nick Keating