Baden Powell College

Visual Arts Semester One

Students across the College are engaging in viewing, creating and making exciting and interesting artworks in the 7 studios of art - painting, drawing, printing, threads and textiles, clay, construction and collage. Students are investigating the qualities of a variety of media then creating art works using a variety of techniques.

Students are learning correct terms and vocabulary related to each studio and investigate the art of different cultures and times.It is wonderful to see the displays of art around both campuses.  We have very talented artists who use colour, line and shape in a creative way.

Currently the Preps are learning how to manipulate and mould clay with their fingers. They have rolled balls and coils and made pinch pots. Next they will learn the techniques of painting using the 3 primary colours and explore painting with different tools. Grade 1/2 students are learning how to join different media together to construct 3D structures - twist, tape, bend, fold, glue, nail, screw, bolt...

They enjoyed making pipecleaner people many of which became Princesses and Super Heros. 2D Design - students have explored painting using watercolours and learning about Portraits when printing using a variety of printing techniques. 'Man with a Big Mouth' by Paul Klee influenced excellent abstract portraits painted in bold colours.

This semester in Visual Arts, Grade 5 and 6 focussed on creating stories using a variety of animation styles. They developed skills and knowledge in space, texture and colour and developed the application of these art elements. Students were encouraged to use appropriate arts language and used a variety of materials and joining techniques in construction. They created and made models as part of their animation piece.  Students investigated the art of Henri Rousseau and used watercolour paints to produce an art piece in his style.  Students explored Ceramics, experimenting with various joining and form-making techniques to create either a Boulder Pot or a Ceramic Bust Portrait.  Students collaborated in partners to design, construct and produce a mask using Papier Mache process.

This semester in Visual Arts, Year 7 and 8 focused on techniques associated in Still Life drawings using pencil to draw and shade three dimensional reproductions using sketching techniques.  Students explored the Pop Art movement with a focus on the life and work of Andy Warhol.  They were required to produce a triptych in the style of Warhol’s artwork.  Students investigated how perspective has played an integral part of artistic process of many artists and produced an art piece using perspective as theme of ‘Looking for an Old Road’.  Students were required to design and produce a stencil as part of a unit on the Street Art movement.  They were expected to show an understanding of stencil design principles and detailing when producing their work. Students worked collaboratively to produce a scaled representation of a wall mural to represent the college’s identity and values, with influences from neighbourhood murals of Northern Ireland and North America.

Students will use different architectural styles to influence their art works based on Cubism. 3D Design - students have used the influence of different artists when creating their own wall art. Currently clay is being used to demonstrate Picasso's interpretation of faces.