Baden Powell College



Please email your questions to our Helpdesk.  We will post the answers to your questions within two days.

I am unable to login?

Check your login details.  The username is in the format of first 3 letters of your child's surname and 4 numbers. ie. Bennett would be BEN0001 

Netbook webcam is not working

The webcam drivers have not been installed.  Please click here to visit the 1:1 download area.

Can my child access the Internet in every class?
Yes, we have wireless access throughout both campuses.

How will I access internet at Home?
Parents will need to purchase or use the current plans for home.

How long will the battery life be?
The battery life in the netbooks offered ranges from 6 – 9 hours depending on the model chosen. Students will be required to bring their Netbooks to school fully charged every day.

Can my child retain the Netbook if they leave the school?
Netbooks belong to the school for the three year period. If a student leaves the school the netbook must to be returned to the school.

Can my child bring another Netbook to school?
No, Baden Powell P-9 College will only provide support and access to Netbooks leased though this Program.

Can my child take the Netbook home?
Yes. Payment of the levy allows the student to use the Netbook at home – except during scheduled maintenance.

What happens if the Netbook is stolen?
If a Netbook is stolen, all efforts to retrieve it will be made. For Students to be able to access a replacement unit from the school, a Police report and $50 excess will need to be paid. If the unit is retrieved it will be checked for content and use before return to student.

Who is responsible for home configurations?
The Netbook will be configured so it can be used at home and Parents are ultimately responsible to check content downloaded at home and to ensure appropriate use. Care should be taken not to overload the system so the Netbook remains a useful and effective learning tool.

Do I need to keep the original packaging and contents?
Yes. If for any reason the student exits the College before the period noted in the lease, then the Netbook will have to be returned with all packaging and accessories however the bag is yours.

Will my child's Netbook have Virus protection on it?
Anti virus software is pre-installed as part of the imaging process and updated automatically when students log on to the College network.