Baden Powell College

Values Education Program

Timeline Value Mini Themes Nutshell statement / Outcome
February Relationships Co-operation, caring, sharing, understanding , consideration,friendship, support, loyalty, honesty, trust, fairness To extend each child’s ability to form and maintain happy, stable relationships within the family, school and wider community.To care for self and others.To enjoy all the rights and privileges of Australian citizenship free from unnecessary interference or control and stand up for the rights of others.
March & April Respect courtesy, compassion, communication, good will To treat others with consideration and regard and to respect another’s point of view.To develop manners and common courtesies as a means of becoming a socially acceptable person.
May Self Awareness confidence, resilience, self discipline, conflict resolution, anger management, affective listening, pride, doing your best, perseverance To enhance and nurture the formation of a positive self image for each individual child-focusing on talents, strengths and attributes.To promote effective decision making techniques and strategies and seek alternative solutions when resolving conflicts.To seek peaceful and constructive solutions.To seek to accomplish by doing ones’ best- trying hard and pursuing excellence.
June & July Feelings emotions, sensitivity, patience, To assist students in developing a better understanding and appreciation of their personal feelings and their feelings towards others.
August Responsibility one’s own actions, contribute to society, harmony, supportive, reliability, commitment, integrity To make students aware of their responsibilities and obligations to themselves and others in all settings – home, school and wider community and environment.To be accountable for one’s own actions.
September & October Tolerance acceptance, empathy, humility, compassion, inclusion, freedom, diversity To encourage tolerance and understanding of individual differences through the awareness of cause and effect (ie physical, social, cultural and racial).To be aware of others and their cultures.To accept diversity within our democratic society. To be included and include others.
November Honesty integrity, trustworthiness, truth, fairness To be honest, sincere and seek the truth.To pursue and protect the common good where all people are treated fairly.
December Values importance of self and others, revisit the values, identity, issues To encourage regular opportunities for classroom discussion (speaking and listening) that enables the sharing of ideas, opinions, points of view about current issues.