Baden Powell College

Baden Powell P-9 College - Units of Work 2013 Derrimut Heath

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*Fabulous Friendships begin in February

*Me at School

*Fabulous Friendships begin in February

*A Healthy and Safe Community

*Fabulous Friendships begin in February

*Safety (Bike, Summer and traffic)

*Fabulous Friendships begin in February

*Hands On Science

Preps will be participating in ‘Investigations’ throughout the year. This  is a total approach to teaching and learning which combines the need for children to be active participants in their learning (through hands on and creative exploration and investigation) which sits alongside formal instruction. There is explicit teaching and development of, not only literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge, but also the range of vital social, emotional and life skills

*Day and Night

*Light and Sound

*Myths and Legends *Inventors and Inventions
*Tinkering *Media/ Performance *Clear the Way for our Waterways

*Our Bodies

*Water Safety


*Simple Machines


*Money, Money, Money

*Masters of Disasters

*Valediction and Christmas