Student Wellbeing

All our staff across Baden Powell College are committed to supporting students with their personal
wellbeing, whether it be physical, emotional, social or academic. We are committed to building a
secure learning environment where all students feel culturally, emotionally and physically safe.
For more targeted support we have a team to assist students to address their individual needs. The
wellbeing team consists of:

Mrs Sue Falla ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL - WELFARE leads the wellbeing team and supports the other
Assistant Principals and teaching staff with Student Wellbeing issues. Mrs Falla meets with parents,
talks to students individually and in small restorative groups, works with students who have learning
difficulties and liaises with outside agencies and community services who are supporting the students
and families who attend Baden Powell College. Mrs Falla coordinates the Program for Students with a
Disability and works closely with Education Support Officers who support these students daily in the

Miss Danielle Koning: SOCIAL WORKER provides individual and group support, parent support and
consultation, and linkage to community services.

Individual work includes career planning, counselling, anger management, social skills, conflict
resolution, physical and mental health support, school attendance and linkage to community services.
Group Programs include social skills groups, conflict resolution, anger management, grief and loss,
and teenage specific programs.

There are numerous services in our community that are available to assist families, many free or low
cost. The Student Wellbeing Coordinator at Baden Powell College is a good starting point. Through
parent consultations; allied health professionals can be accessed such as doctors, paediatricians,
psychologists, occupational therapists, behavioural optometrists, counsellors, and specialised
educational services.

Additional supports also include mental health services, family support services, parenting assistance,
financial assistance, legal information and advocacy, and disability services.
The Social Worker at Baden Powell College is a free service and information provided is kept private
and confidential.

In addition, through our school student wellbeing coordinator, students and families at Baden Powell
College can access additional support for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Families, or
families from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island Background. Please contact your class
teacher or a member of leadership or wellbeing, for additional information.

Mrs Melanie Todaro: SPEECH PATHOLOGIST. The Speech Pathology program operates across both
campuses assisting students with communication difficulties including articulation, language and
social difficulties. Students with language difficulties in Grades Prep-6 are seen weekly within a group
by an Integration Aide who administers a program developed and monitored by our Speech
Pathologist. The Speech Pathologist works in some of our early years classrooms focusing on
language development as well as running blocks of small groups/ Individual therapy throughout the
year with selected students in the Prep-6 area however mainly within the Prep-2 area. The children
are grouped according to grade and level of communication difficulties with amazing results. In our
Prep grades, the Speech Pathologist runs a pre literacy program fortnightly for the whole class where
they learn skills such as syllables and rhyme. The Speech Pathology program continues to grow and is
supported by two speech assistants and our parents with home practice.

Mrs Anthea Griffiths: OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST. Mrs Griffiths provides a program that aims to
promote optimal wellbeing, facilitate performance and participation at school and supports student’s
educational goals. The occupational therapist works within the classroom or school environment to
assist students with achieving greater independence, developing skills and supporting participation in
everyday activities that are appropriate for a student’s age and their abilities.
The program offers individual, small group and classroom programs that are aimed at enhancing the
development of functional skills that are required for school. This includes fine motor skills that are
important for success with daily tasks such as holding a pencil, handwriting and readiness to write,
drawing, hand-eye coordination, cutting with scissors and doing up buttons and zippers, gross motor
skills that are necessary for a stable posture for sitting, skipping and ball skills, sensory needs,
attention and concentration and organisational skills. The occupational therapist also works
collaboratively with classroom teachers and other allied health professionals to support student’s
educational goals and meet student’s specific needs. Classroom consultation and recommendations
are also provided for materials, tools and classroom modifications to enhance student’s
independence, facilitate learning and help students to function to the best of their ability; this involves
adaptations to seating and desks, writing implements and paper. If you require any further
information regarding the occupational therapy program at Baden Powell College please contact your
class teacher or a member of the wellbeing team

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